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Profile of MTC EXPRESS Pty Ltd
MTC EXPRESS was established in Sydney in 1990 by Norman Ambarita who has been living in Australia since 1980.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of cargo at Cathay Pacific flight in Indonesia as well as more than 10 years in the field expeditions since being in Australia, the MTC EXPRESS was established with the following objectives:

  1. Assist the smooth flow of trade between Indonesia and Australia
  2. Help current export / import for the importers and exporters in Australia and in Indonesia
  3. Provide free information how to open a business export / import in Australia for citizens and business in Australia
  4. Help students / Indonesian student who will send the goods moving to Indonesia after completion of their studies
  5. Actively participate in the social activities of the Indonesian community in Sydney and Melbourne as sponsorship, support, etc.
  6. Participate actively assist and sponsor activities PPIA
  7. Establish good relations with the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia
  8. Actively participate in the social organization of the Indonesian community in Sydney and Melbourne as PI, PMII, ICC, Kosgoro, PPIA, officer

In addition to Indonesia, MTC EXPRESS also regulateS the flow of air and sea freight import / export to other countries to join partnership with the Global Network.

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